Head's News 26/05/2017

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We have made it to half term and the term has flown by owing to the range and volume of events. Everyone has been very busy and a busy school for me, is an exciting one. Exciting for the pupils, exciting for the staff and I hope that you have enjoyed some of the activity as parents! A rest now will be much appreciated by all.

I hope, however, that children will be able to get out and about in the fine weather and will keep active. Leading sports physician Richard Weiler tells the TES in an article today that all the evidence demonstrates that “children who are fitter get better grades” - one more reason to get out in the sunshine and keep active this half term.

Yr 6 information visit to Doorstep charity

6S went on a fact-finding mission to Camden to discover more about the Doorstep charity. I was able to accompany them with Miss Shuttleworth and Mr Louis-Marie. The pupils were given a brief tour and then listened to a talk by staff about the work of the charity. I was very proud of the pupils’ excellent attention and their thoughtful questions that followed. This is a small charity and Abercorn’s support clearly makes a big difference to the lives of the dispossessed families and children who use the centre. The total recently raised through walkathons and Year 3’s bake off has raised in excess of £9,000 which is quite phenomenal – thank you so much for your families’ support for these events and ultimately for this charity. Pupils will be creating a short video presentation about the charity to present to the rest of the school.

Yr 5 trip to Kew Gardens

On Wednesday Mr Cossey organised for our Year 5 pupils to head to Kew gardens to learn about adaptations of plants in different biomes. There were two key parts to the day with part of the learning being directed by Kew educators. The sessions were very hands on and pupils had to compare and contrasting different elements of rainforests compared to British forests. This included measuring air and soil humidity and temperature as well as light intensity. They then looked as adaptations of plant types in the desert as well as alpine and carnivorous plants.

I am most grateful to Mr Cossey for organising this fabulous learning opportunity for the children. I am feeling inspired to do some work in my garden over half term…

Yr 6 – 8 trip to The Globe theatre

Our older pupils are turning into Shakespeare aficionados at present and this week they had the wonderful opportunity of seeing a Twelfth Night at The Globe theatre. There is nothing like the authentic experience of seeing a production there and they were fortunate with the wonderful weather.


At PP Mrs Piers-Mantell had put together a very impressive compilation of some of the outstanding work produced this year. Pupils presented their aims and oeuvres. I encourage all parents to come and see the quality of their work at the forthcoming exhibition at Portland Place.

At TOGS this morning we heard the commended entries in the Yr 1 & Yr 2 poetry competition. It was an unparalleled joy to hear the declamation of these wonderful poems by the children this morning. They gave us all such a fun start to the day. Well done to all!

FOA Fête

How lucky we have been to be bathed in sunshine for the school fête today. The FOA committee members have worked very hard in preparation of the event and were on stand from 8.00am this morning. I know that I speak for every child in the school when I say “thank you” for giving us all such a fun afternoon and such a fine way to conclude the first half of the term.

With all good wishes for a very happy half term.

Benedict Dunhill

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