Design Technology


This term for Year 5, 6, 7 & 8

Year 5

This term in Design and Technology, Year 5 has focused on understanding the working mechanism of a CAM operated movable toy. This involved learning about the parts of a CAM toy, the different types of CAM profiles and the resultant motions of each. Students were tasked with designing and planning their own movable toys by applying their understanding of the working mechanism, in addition to using a set of relevant design criteria and specifications. It was important that the students chose the correct type of CAM to mimic the real life motion of their toy.

Year 6

This term in design and technology the main topic of focus was ‘Controllable Vehicles’ in which Year 6 was tasked with researching, designing, planning and constructing a battery operated controllable vehicle. Students had to consider three aspects in the design process: the mechanics and assembly of the drive belt system; the wiring and arrangement of components in an electrical circuit; the construction of the frame and chassis. Students researched and performed a series of focused practical tasks in order to gain insight into of each of these key elements that needed to be considered in their designs.

Year 7

This term in Design & Technology, Year 7 was tasked with researching and designing a puzzle product targeting children between the ages of 2 and 5. They were required to extensively research existing products to identify key criteria that would need to be considered in designing their own puzzles. The students then used this information to generate creative ideas, write a relevant design brief and plan for the construction of a prototype.

Year 8

Year 8 have spent their Design and Technology lessons this term making their Commonwealth Games themed bag which they designed at the end of Year 7. They have learnt how to accurately cut material in preparation for sewing and they have explored a range of suitable material to be used in their final product. The Year 8 pupils have learnt how to thread a sewing machine and they have explored a range of different types of stitching settings. To complete this project, each pupil will print their Commonwealth Games logo onto their hand sewn bag. 

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