Netball Fixture: Abercorn School v Eaton Square School

Sports Prep

On Thursday 8th October the Year 6 Netball Team had their first match against Eaton Square School A & B. The girls did amazingly well throughout the four 8 minute quarters. They kept high in spirits, energy and momentum which helped them in the final results.

They played against Eaton Square School A team first; it was an evenly matched game, with both teams playing with high amounts of energy right until the last second. We had some brilliant interceptions, passes, defending and attacking throughout the game from all of the girls; ultimately the final score was 3-3.

They then played against Eaton Square School B team, in which Abercorn dominated most of the possession from the first blow of the whistle. They continued to demonstrate the same high amounts of skill and stamina, and the final score was 2-0 to Abercorn.

The hard work during training paid off with the girls displaying a high level of skill for a great final result - congratulations to all! 

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