Football Fixture: Abercorn v Portland Place School

Sports Prep

On Tuesday 1st December Abercorn Senior Football club had the opportunity to play against Portland Place School's Year 6 A and B team. Two seven a side games were played with a substitute.  We had 16 children from years 4-7 in two mixed teams. Both the Portland Place teams were very skilled and competitive and we had to apply all our energy to play as a team, communicating with our peers, in order to hold our positions and to stop the opponent from scoring. In two hotly contested games both Abercorn teams won their matches. The first team won 4-3 and the second team won 2-1.

The boys in the first team were brilliant cooperating as a team and using clean skills and passing to achieve their four goals. Cyrus was a fantastic goal keeper saving a multitude of close attempts by a persistent opposition. Kyle, Blaise, Joe and Makoto played extremely well as strikers with Joe scoring two goals and Kyle scoring one. Pivotal to our victory was the strength and determination of our midfield and defenders, Noah, Daniel and David. The team under extreme pressure held their own and were able to hold onto the victory at the end of the match.

Even though we have been training hard to avoid the mistakes we made during our last match, we have to admit that at the beginning everyone was pretty nervous. In the second match the determination of our players and the first goal, scored by Shin, were key to building up the self-confidence we needed. From that moment the game was ours, with Ziad, Petr and Shin attacking strongly; Arkin and Faris making great passes, and Oscar, Hunter and Owen defending their area well. Petr scored the winning goal towards the end of the game, securing our victory!

Congratulations to the Abercorn Senior Football club on a well deserved and fantastic win!!!

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