Doorstep Charity Challenge - Part 2

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On Sunday 17th July Lukas from Year 1 ran a yard sale on his doorstep to raise funds for Doorstep. He designed and put up posters nearby, selected books, DVDs, toys, games and other items he was happy to donate and opened for business at lunchtime. Footfall was good and business brisk. He targeted younger families passing by, invited them to browse and explained what he was doing and why. In some cases his explanation of the worthwhile work Doorstep do made the difference. It was all his own idea and he did so well we are struggling to explain that in real life running a retail business is not so easy. Twelve customers, all of whom purchased or donated, adding up to £109 for Doorstep. As the photos show, he seemed quite at home, including compulsory trader's mug (of apple juice, not tea). Well done, Lukas!

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