Ski Trip 2017 to Trysil, Norway

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Over the February half-term eleven pupils from Year 6 to Year 8 traveled to Trysil in Norway for a residential ski trip. This is this first ski trip Abercorn has organised and it saw a number of beginners (including one of the teachers) and advanced skiers partake! Arriving late on Sunday afternoon our adventurers enjoyed their first outing in the snow creating snow angels and having a snow ball fight! An early evening ensued after a exquisite buffet style dinner, with the children happily getting to bed early to rest up well for the adventures that the next day promised.

Monday was spent on the mountains with lessons for the beginners and some serious slope time for the avid skiers! With a few falls and calamities on the ski lifts the first day of skiing was a great success. The children showed great patience, resilience and camaraderie. 

On Tuesday the children had the opportunity to go dog sledding, pairing up they took turns in controlling the speed of the sled whilst the other one sat back and enjoyed the ride. Venturing to a different part of the mountains in the afternoon the children tackled some tricky courses, and then ended the day on the giant snow slide!

Come Wednesday everyone was feeling the aches and pains set in! But spurred on by knowing it was their last ski session the children headed for the mountains and you wouldn't have know their were any beginners in the group anymore, with everyone managing a perfect run on their chosen slopes. 

After six to eight hours of skiing the children came back to their rooms to rest. Watching movies and eating pizza, and later in the evening their was a magic show to watch. There was hope of seeing the Aurora Borealis at midnight with not a single cloud in sight, but unfortunately they were not so lucky. 

Head over to our Flickr page to see the photos from our Norway Ski Trip.

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