Head's News 24/02/2017

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Fairy tales and Drama Workshop

Year 1 pupils simply loved the fairy tales and fables workshop held at TOGS this week. Their story-teller told tales and explored some of the favourite characters that the children know. Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood were the most preferred. With active participation in drama activities a very happy time was had by all in this fine run up to book week next week. TOGS pupils and staff will be dressing up as their favourite characters next Friday! I hope that these activities will stimulate children to read  more and will create a great opportunity for parents to do some extra reading with their children.


This week assembly time was used for house meetings. I greatly enjoyed seeing the democratic voting systems that were being employed for election to various offices, such as year group house representatives and deputies. The process was organised by more senior pupils with clear and careful oversight which underscored the ‘British Values’ of the rule of law and democracy. All most impressive.


It has been a very exciting week at TOGS with the build up to our first LAMDA exams at Abercorn today. I am sure that parents have been delighted to hear their children practising their poems and pieces over the last few weeks. Apparently LAMDA have raised their standards of late but Mrs Wrottesley is very pleased with the efforts of the children in the run up to the big day today.

The examiner seemed to be a lovely lady and she quickly put the children at ease. She commented that our pupils were “very chatty” which I am taking as a positive! Well done everyone for working so hard; we will keep our fingers crossed for now. We hope to receive the results before the end of term.

With all good wishes for a calm weekend, now storm Doris has passed.

Benedict Dunhill

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