Year 8 play Eton Fives

Sports Year 8

Eton Fives is a handball game played as doubles in a three-sided court. The object is to force the other team to fail to hit the ball 'up' off the front wall, using any variety of wall or ledge combinations as long as the ball is played 'up' before it bounces twice. Eton Fives is an uncommon sport, with only a few courts.

The sport developed in the late 19th century at Eton College. The shape of the court used now is taken from the chapel at Eton College, where A. C. Ainger and some of his friends developed a simple set of rules in 1877. The rules have been modified since that time to those seen now, but the essential components are still the same and are described below in the 'Rules' section.

Year 8 have begun lessons once a week at the Westway Leisure Centre to learn and develop the necessary skills for Eton Fives. The boys have already shown potential in the sport and we hope to see them competing in competitions in the near future! 


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